Matt St. Gelais — Design & Creative Direction

Lexus L/Studio2015

L/Studio, created by Lexus, is a collection of surprising, intelligent and original work from the worlds of art, culture, design, science, entertainment, architecture and beyond meant to inspire viewers.

Originally launched in 2008, the site's content was as meaningful as ever, but the experience was in need of a reboot to reach a new audience that consumes media on new devices and platforms.

We took a social first approach and built a fully responsive experience around the Tumblr API, using it's native publishing tools as our CMS. This allowed us to reach a social audience from day one and enabled us to craft a destination worthy of the Lexus brand.

We created hundreds of gif's, quotes, photos, and videos to breathe new life into the original content and relaunched to premiere the second season of Hudson Valley Ballers, starring SNL writers Paula Pell and James Anderson.

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Digiday, Best Brand Content Platform 2015
Lexus L/Studio
Responsive by design, the site is at home on all devices with special consideration for desktop, tablet, and mobile breakpoints in line with existing Lexus properties.
Browser Bar Lexus L/Studio
The main content feed features a dynamic grid with logic that prioritizes quotes, images, and episodes for enhanced legibitity and engagement.
Browser Bar Lexus L/Studio
Series pages feature beautiful full-width imagery fed by the Youtube API, and vignettes in the form of gifs, quotes, and photos that support each episode.
Browser Bar Lexus L/Studio
Episode pages feature a brief synopsis, native Tumblr share functionality, and vignettes of related content.
Lexus L/Studio
Lexus L/Studio
Lexus L/Studio
At mobile sizes, hero videos are replaced with full-width imagery, and navigation and search condensed into tiered two screen view.
Lexus L/Studio
Lexus L/Studio
At tablet sizes, hero videos are replaced with full-width imagery, and navigation is condensed to a scrollable horizontal view.